This is a love story

Not of a face, but a place

A feeling, an echo, a collection of space

It’s filled by all sorts of bodies,

That move in their own ways

Whether that’s students partying,

Or people drinking away days.

We are Tyneside


The jewel of the North

Nightlife central

Homeless crisis

Contradiction of sorts


Visit the quayside market, sights and the sounds

Or the bigg market, violence and the crowds

Walk Grey Street, listed buildings all around

Interrupted only by ‘Mister, can you spare iz a pound?’


There’s light and dark, reflected in the Tyne

We’re Geordies, we’re friendly,

And we love a good time.

But don’t look at iz funny

Don’t knock over me drink

Peel layers off this city

And sometimes it stinks

Suicide rate, one of the highest around

A crisis in action, where lad culture abounds.

We’re told man up, don’t be a fanny

Just get out on the toon

Don’t think about art,

That’s for fairies and loons.


But I still love these Tyneside streets

I still love this city’s heartbeat.

The metro as it rumbles under the cinema screen

The Millenium Bridge lights as they start to gleam


Go deeper than the surface,

Newcastle is my heart

Where writing came alive,

Where I learned it’s okay to make art


Reciting poetry in pubs, because it makes me happy

Wandering through the dene, a pint on the Ouseburn valley.

Scribbling down words, little desk in a rented flat

Vegan cakes in heaton, scranning guilt-free fat


I am Newcastle

As I ride a bike to work on a summer’s day

I am Newcastle

Where the rain comes out and won’t go away


I am Newcastle

Welcoming but confused

I am Newcastle

Might be embraced or abused


The rough with the smooth

The dark with the light

The parks, restaurants and businesses,

The lush summer nights.

The language, the dialect

The way we kna who we are.

Propa Northerners

Here’s a cuppa pet,

You’ll be welcomed from afar


Here’s to Tyneside,

Raise a pint, even if it enforces a cliché

Wei aye we love a drink

It’s how we spend our payday


The warmth of the hearts

The vibrance of the city

The way we keep heads high

Even when things get shitty


So thank you Newcastle,

For welcoming a local lad in.

For introducing me to the love of my life,

And the happiness she brings.


The best city in the UK,

Even if saying it makes me sound haughty

But there’s nowhere else close

I’m so proud to be Geordie.



The video was shot and belongs to Dominique and Jacob Photography.